Wow armory not updating my character

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Also revised chapters 72, 73, and the final chapter.

Only chapters 59-61 remain, which will most likely be finished in the next update.

I will try and add details on the differences between modules and offsets for different games when I can (the tutorial is already really long as it is). My original username was Fire Blazer as in, one who starts a fire by setting something ablaze, but that was kinda lame, so now I just go by Blazer. My biggest ones are Prince of Durand (now dead) and The Last Promise (now finished!

) but Ive also made other hacks like Fire Emblem: Shining Armor, Fire Emblem: Sacred Contention, Fire Emblem DS: Evil Version, Fire Emblem Wars, Fire Emblem Rebirth, Fire Emblem Prisoner of Darkness, and some other minor ones.

:\ can extract ZIP, RAR, and 7ZIP files, so you might as well just download that and install it.

Dont say I didnt warn you: this tutorial is massive and it has tons of details.

That means that data should start at an offset that ends in 0x0, 0x4, 0x8, or 0x C. The files can later be extracted (taken out) from it. This is something on your computer, not used in-game.

Its used to share lots of files without having to download each one individually. When one talks about a palette hes talking about the colors used in some sort of graphic or art. And FE8 might have some modules for say, the Valni Tower, which FE7 wont have. I nor anyone else can help you with this, so you have to be self-sufficient here.

If there is another issue, its possible one of the mentioned things applies to your problem as well. Othertimes you can edit data in decimalfor example, character stats are in decimal. Other ones become negative once they reach 127 or so.

If it was in hexadecimal, Im sure itd confuse some of you a bit more. I really forgot the details of signed/unsigned bytes but because of this and other reasons, stats cant go to like 255.

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For example, if I was about to insert some portraits, I would back-up my game, call it Pre Portraits BUP-070410and store it in a folder.