Theonomy and the dating of revelation

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Theonomy and the dating of revelation

Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, who served as his son’s principal campaign surrogate during his senate and presidential campaigns, has been a profound and colorful influence.

He won statewide office on his first try and has benefited from being underestimated.

The son of a Cuban refugee and evangelical pastor, Cruz was raised in the kind of evangelicalism-with-a-theocratic-bent that has come to epitomize a significant and growing trend in American public life.

That is, dominionism: a dynamic ideology that arose from the swirls and eddies of American evangelicalism to animate the Christian Right, and become a defining feature of modern politics and culture.

“Ted got a dose of conservative politics from a biblical worldview for a whole year when he was nine years old.” That was the year the Religious Roundtable hosted the historic National Affairs Briefing conference in Dallas.

It was held in tandem with the 1980 Republican National Convention, and attended by some 17,000 conservative Christians. It’s meteoric,” David Brody, chief political correspondent for the Evangelical historian John Fea explained why Cruz might be viewed this way.

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His vision of how to bring forth “dominion men,” via advancement of a “Biblical worldview” helped lead conservative evangelicals towards aggressive political engagement since the 1970s.

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