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Boasting a tagline that reads, “How did they ever make a movie of ‘Lolita?,'” the film’s portrayal of love is just about as forbidden as it gets.Enter Katharine Clifton (Kristin Scott Thomas), who arrives with her husband and joins Fiennes’ expedition as new members, much to his dislike.At first awkward with each other, Almasy and Clifton soon grow agitated due to their growing feelings not being able to be realized and expressed.After lifting his car (a converted hearse) from a funeral they both attend, the two find themselves drawn to each other despite an age difference of 60-odd years.Encouraged to “L-I-V-E” by the vivacious near-octogenarian, Harold begins to open up to the world (and to Maude) as the two creep towards the film’s devastating and life-affirming conclusion.She dies alone in her cave and he dies years later after being badly burned in a plane crash, still in love with a ghost.

He is the only man on his expedition, and he’s without a wife and prefers solitude.Played by a 14-year-old Sue Lyon, Lolita is a gum-chewing, soda pop-drinking, ticking time bomb set to blow the decidedly conventional life of James Mason’s Humbert right up.For all of its controversy, the film actually shies away from depicting anything too provocative due to severe censorship at the time.Angelina Jolie made her move to directing with this ambitious foreign language romance drama set against the background of the Bosnian War.Goran Kostić brings a weary vulnerability to Denijel, a solider fighting for the Bosnian Serbs, whose father happens to be the savage leader of the Yugoslav People’s Army and their prison camp.

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