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Pug lovers dating site

And you’ll have ALL the pugs attention if you hold up a cup full of treats. These pugs have one goal, and one goal only – to eat as many treats as they can get these poor humans to give them.They go crazy for treats and will gently attack you for it. And they know they’ll achieve it because whose heart wouldn’t melt for these pugs?!She is dedicated to heping Pugs and all dogs and is the greatest Pug ever!Even though she is my first Pug, I am hopelessly in love with their adorable ...These figurines served as a secret emblem for the German underground Freemason Lodge known as the Lodge of the Order of the Pug.They chose the Pug as a symbol of loyalty, dependability and everlasting commitment.An English painter named William Hogarth was a proponent of Pugs.He created many paintings incorporating the little dogs, some including his own Pug named Trump.

Do you want pugs to stare at you with these eyes for a short while?

Lil Dude's Site Just a fun site dedicated to one of the most adorable pugs on this Earth :-)Dudley-Do-Wrong's Page Another site dedicated to one of the world's most adorable pugs :-)Pugsly's Page A small page highlighting our pet pug Pugsly.

Some good pug dog links as well A Pug's Paradise Welcome to Rocky's world!

ADD YOUR SITE (29 members)A community for Pug Lovers and the dogs that own them.

Ann Warrick The life and loves of Phoebe, a black pug and her family in the UKPercy's Homepage personal homepage of Marjan and Peter about pugs and more.

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These boys have their hands and laps full petting three pugs at once. Look at this old squishy face getting some proper hugs and love from a visitor.