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And no religious clergy will be required to solemnise a marriage against his or her religious beliefs.All persons have a fundamental stake in advancing human equality.It turns on outdated prejudicial misconceptions about the role of women in the home rather than in the workplace and world of ideas.It presumes that the father has the primary responsibility to provide a home and its essentials, while the mother is the domestic centre of home and family life.

In 1973, the Supreme Court upheld the right of married persons to have access to contraceptives to control fertility.

The implication is that men and women “naturally” behave differently from one another in marriage and as parents.

Justice demands that no person should be forced into a predetermined role on account of sex.

In fact, same-sex couples are as capable of responsible procreation as are opposite-sex couples.

Second, they claim that a father-mother marriage is essential for effective parenting.

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It will recognise that the right to marry, for moral equals, is to marry an individual of one’s choice, and that the right applies to same-sex marriage just as it does to opposite-sex marriage.