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Given this impossibility, Miller and fellow screenwriters John Collee, Judy Morris and Warren Coleman contrive a way to deliver a relatively upbeat ending, one that doesn’t completely dismiss the peril but still seems concocted.

While having been nimbly edited for momentum and flow, “Happy Feet” employs long takes and the moving “camera” considerably more than do most animated films.

Mumble’s close encounter with Earth’s dominators and the detritus of their activities, powerfully imagined from the bird’s point of view, proves thoroughly sobering; following logically, pic would end on a quite dire note.Not surprisingly from the force behind the “Babe” movies, the attention to detail is phenomenal, the humor ample.But the story is inescapably serious on both personal and societal levels.While countless moppet-targeted films have taught the lesson that the oddball shall prevail and that everyone is gifted in a particular way, looming over everything here is the specter of aliens — human beings, that is — who leave ominous traces of their comings and goings on the icy wastes of Antarctica and impinge upon the penguins’ supply of fish.The environmental themes are familiar, but Miller superbly manifests the threat in a manner both tactile and hauntingly poetic.

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