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Fix: Fiona Mac Keown, mother of murdered teenager Scarlett Keeling, on Om Beach with what appears to be a hashish pipe The acceptance of drug use within 44-year-old Mrs Mac Keown’s family seems clear in a second photograph – this time of Scarlett sitting on a beach, hashish joint in hand and a detached expression on her face.

Beside her, a younger brother and sister sit apparently oblivious to their sibling’s habit.

The photographs were taken by Mr Clarke during the family’s fateful holiday to Goa between October 2007 and February last year.

He approached The Mail on Sunday with the pictures after a Channel 4 documentary, Who Killed Scarlett? He has also asked India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to take his statement.

They saw each other regularly although he remained in the modest semi he shares with sons Kieran, 22, and Dominic, 18.‘When I met Fiona, I thought she was the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen,’ said Mr Clarke. We would spend our days lounging on the beach and our nights in the bars – particularly Curlies, where Scarlett met Lobo.

I told her it would cause trouble but she said she wasn’t going to “bow down to no Indian”.’ Young love: Scarlett had been sharing a bed with Lobo, it is claimed By December 2007, they used the last of their savings to buy a second-hand Jeep and moped.The picture was taken near the hippy paradise of Om Beach, Gokarna, days before the rape and murder of the 15-year-old daughter she had left 100 miles away in the care of tour guide Julio Lobo, 25.Yet it barely scratches the surface of a chaotic family holiday which, according to Mrs Mac Keown’s estranged partner Rob Clarke, resulted in bitter rows, under-age sex, violence, drinking binges, drugs parties and her hungry children reduced to eating just a daily bowl of rice each.Silas returned to their home in a caravan compound near Bradworthy, North Devon, in November 2007 to attend college. Tragedy awaits: Scarlett, centre, smokes a joint on Om Beach beside two of her eight siblings Mr Clarke revealed a number of key incidents that increased stress within the family before the murder.These included a vicious fight between Scarlett and her mother in the early weeks of the trip after Scarlett refused to spend an evening in.

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‘They were swinging each other round by their hair,’ said Mr Clarke.