Founderdating wall street journal

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Founderdating wall street journal

Many offer ex-employees entry to formal alumni networks with tangible perks such as access to special events, referral incentives, and social networks or e-newsletters.Indeed, the modern alumni network underscores the way that both workers and employers are redefining their relationship as the old model of lifetime employment at one company becomes a thing of the past.That employee might well come back for another tour at Linked In after gaining experience elsewhere.The concept changes the old compact between employer and employee—there isn’t lifelong devotion, but there’s no ill will upon departure, either.When Linked In executive chairman Hoffman founded the company, he set the tour at four years, with a discussion after two.After the tour, the worker might decide to do another tour at Linked In, or it might be decided, by mutual agreement, that his or her professional journey will continue somewhere else.

But with a changing global economy and shifting demographics, job-hopping has become more the rule than the exception, and companies of all sizes have gotten savvier, and more creative, about staying connected.

In today’s day and age, it’s a relationship worth keeping.

Companies can use alumni to get referrals, client business and input on issues that only someone who has been on the inside can understand.

Former employees were just that—people whose post-job connection with the company was limited to their retirement benefits. Nowadays, companies are realizing that there’s no need for such a clean breakup.

Rather, they are treating ex-employees as “alumni” in the hopes that those people will think about their previous employer with the same fondness many have for their beloved alma maters.

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