Dating talking points

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Dating talking points

That is why the moral agency of politicians has become so important. And when presentation is made that these legal relationships are somehow related to something he did which is illegal, then you’re smearing the man essentially by lumping in his relationship with his wife, which as far as we know has been solid — 32 years with four kids, I don’t know how many grandkids with relationships that he had when he was single in this murky area that nobody really care — CUOMO: I would be careful, because you are drawing a lot — I know you guys like to do this, but you’re drawing a lot of implications from something where they weren’t said.

That is why we were chasing, and you guys as well to hear what the GOP leadership would say, what the president would say. Right Joel, I mean Trump never really delays talking about anything if he wants to. This is once again where he noticed a young woman, he thought something about her, and he remembered it years later and wound up marrying her. What you decide to make it into as instructive of that is much on the reader and anybody else. Because we’re at a very sensitive time in terms of how we understand this behavior towards women. POLLAK: People need to know where the quote comes from. He was talking about campus culture and the situation where young men are being accused on campus.

So what Alex is talking about is true — there are situations where this happens.I believe that he thinks this never happened, I think that some of the allegations that are made about him are more credible than others.I think Gloria Allred did her client no favor when she refused to submit that yearbook to independent forensic analysis before having some kind of political surface in the Senate, which she wanted before the election.Are you concerned about that message at all, or do the politics of having a seat in the senate just overpower it? Are you concerned when he denies it that is enough for me, we need that seat in the Senate, and the other guy is a Democrat are you concerned about that kind of politics? POLLAK: I’m concerned about sexual harassment against women outside the context of politics and inside the context of politics.POLLAK: You know, there are serious allegations right now against CNN. You have to make a decision about it You can distract all you like. And I think when these allegations come up during political season, before election days, that people are trying to believe one side or the other base on their political allegiances.

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We have to look at what they’re saying now, how they’re behaving now.

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