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Dating congolese men

In 2010, a teenage girl who assaulted a teacher was sentenced to 80 lashes.

Teenage boys and girls are forbidden to meet – transgressors can be caned but usually get a verbal reprimand.

The same goes for universities – there’s no Oxbridge elite.

The internet permeates almost every aspect of childhood – even Lewis’s Trashies have their own online games.

“They just come and leave without answering any questions,” says Bharat Mandal, 15.

Unlike Nishu, middle-class children are rarely seen on the streets, and then only accompanied by their ayah (nanny), who is always included in the price of a family ticket at Indian museums.

In Riyadh, 18-year-old Sara explains the complexities of getting to know the opposite sex: “With the phone, everyone can agree that is forbidden, because Islam forbids a stranger to hear your voice.

Online, he only sees your writing, so that’s more open to interpretation.” India Life expectancy at birth: 65 Percentage of five to 14-year-olds engaged in child labour: 12 Popular street game: Kite fighting – players paste their line with glue and finely powdered glass to try to cut the string holding their rival’s kite Obesity: Five out of 10 children in high-income families are obese Monthly pocket money: 280 rupees (£2.80) for (middle-class) seven to14-year-olds, a rise of 200 per cent over the past decade On a patch of waste ground under one of New Delhi’s busiest railway bridges, Nishu, five, a vegetable seller’s daughter, joins 50 children aged four to 15.

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British children, posting “selfies” on Facebook, and “sexting”, using acronyms like YOLO (you only live once), seem to be living in a virtual world that’s baffling and alarming their parents.

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