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State-level decisions regarding French media are thus awaited with impatience and are often very important moments.As in many developed countries, the written press in France is encountering a crisis.The “PAF,” or French audiovisual landscape, as it is called in France, was remarkably stable over the last 20 years.But it has been changing a lot since 2005, due to technology improvements and new regulations.For example, leading daily newspaper Le Figaro lost 10m euro in 2007 with a circulation of 344,479 copies at a retail price of €1.30.

The success of the TNT (for digital terrestrial TV) is a particular challenge for the major channels.

Global profits were down 2.3 percent in 2008 to 10.6bn euro, thanks to a drop in advertising revenues (now accounting for 43.8 percent of industry revenue).

Circulation is down as well, with 4.4bn copies sold (down 1.99 percent).

A French household has an average budget of 2,270 euro a year for media and multimedia spending.

From this, 50 percent goes to mobile phone subscription, 32 percent to the equipment (TV, computers) and 18 percent to printed press, the cinema and digital content (2008).

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As a result, the state decided to invest 600m euro in the written press over the next three years in order to support it.