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This cause to irregular menstrual cycle which increase the weight [4].• Hair loss from scalp: Excessive hair loss from scalp called as alopecia. • Acne and oily skin: Increased androgen level may also cause acne which may appear on face, back and other part of the body.If it is untreated it may result in infertility, which is troublesome. During this cycle, a hormone is produced from pituitary gland of brain, i.e., FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone).This hormone is responsible for the production of watery sac which surrounds the egg.Life style factors In a daily life, one of the important roles is to maintain the glucose level of body after consuming the food.If the insulin is not regulated properly, glucose level may get increased.

In a daily routine, women undergo different food habits and culture which leads to the hormonal disorder but they don’t aware of it.At this time ovary secretes small amount of androgen which slowly convert into estrogen.But for the patients with PCOS this follicle stops its maturity and the ovulation does not occur.In many cases, overweight may lead to anovulation [3].• Menstrual problems: Due to disappearance of follicle it results in cysts which lead to increase in androgen level.

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• Weight gain: Women with overweight are more suspected to PCOS than others.

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