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’ Like at a very young age [...] She was like, ‘Watch out for it, because it's not real.’ It was the best,” Shawkat says, growing more animated. I just want to shake them and be like, ‘It's not real! “Me and Michael would go to parties and drink cranberry juice and nobody knew who we were,” Shawkat says.

“It's like we had a glimpse from the outside.” Shawkat has carried that healthy sense of nonchalance in the face of attention into adulthood — she still calls them “Hollywood parties” that she has to make obligatory stops at for work — and has no illusions about the industry’s often transactional friendships.

They've never done anything predatory, but they're like, "So why didn’t you stop it? C., at last winter’s Women’s March, and recently spoke about reclaiming the depictions of women’s bodies on screen at the Women’s Convention in Detroit.

She's unapologetic about seeing an inextricable link between present-day politics and her art, no matter what form it takes.

Picture a modern-day renaissance woman: She’s an actor who embodied a bold character for years on a beloved cult TV show, a child star who somehow managed to grow up untainted by Hollywood’s circus culture, a gifted artist who’s been sketching deranged ink portraits of Donald Trump long before he took office, a smoky-voiced alto who once performed at New Orleans’ legendary Jazzfest, and an Arab-American activist who came out as bisexual and marched in the Women’s March last winter.

“There were three different wigs I had to wear and complete different character changes, which was super cool.

With the help of her friends, a gaggle of painfully spot-on millennial stereotypes, the first season ends with one of the most well-executed twists this side of — one that does irreversible psychological damage to Dory and her friends while questioning the very nature of why we’re drawn to other people’s tragedies in the social media age.

It’s refreshing to watch Shawkat in a starring role as a doormat, all wide eyes and non-confrontational mumbling, as Dory works to contain the shockwaves of what can only be classified as a huge mistake. ’”) and another was “an old Jewish mother kind of voice.” Imagine what could have been!

At Shawkat’s suggestion, the warm sounds of 1950s jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby waft through the speakers in Bustle's photo studio — lately she’s been toggling between relaxing jazz music like this and upbeat rap from someone in A$AP Mob — and it’s easy to see how her sense of ease in new environments (never mind her quiet confidence in grabbing the aux cord) often gets her cast as characters who are self-assured scene-stealers.

at age 13, Shawkat, who is now 28, has carved out a niche for herself in playing the types of characters “that have a good head on their shoulders but are sassy and not the hot girl,” as she puts it.

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It also will have an inevitable political bent — after all, Season 4 turned out to be quite prescient in its chronicling of the Bluth's efforts to build a border wall.

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