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A summary of the history of Andover’s cane is cataloged here, courtesy of Tony Sofia: [Andover-MA-Boston-Post-Cane (pdf)] Oct 2016: Vivian Simone, age 103, has been awarded Andover’s Boston Post Cane. 6, 1913 and moved to the United States from Catania, Sicily, nearly 100 years ago, when she was just six years old.She and her family moved to Lawrence, where she grew up and spent much of her life before moving to Andover some 50 years ago, she said.

“She used to come up here every year for a week or two,” said Phil Pless. (via email from Heather Brissette) Auburn continues the tradition. Granger, 99, received the town’s Boston Post Cane from the Auburn Historical Society during a ceremony on Sept. (Telegram article via Stephen Hoffman) The last local cane holder, Lilllian M.September 2010: Florence Ruth (Purcell) Wilson, daughter of the late Henry L.Purcell and Florence (Nowell) Purcell and widow of the late Hon. (Newburyport Daily News via email from Stephen Hoffman) Amherst continues the tradition.Lina Pernaa celebrated her 99th birthday in January 2006. Previously the cane has been held by Ruth Craft, Claire Pless, and Walt Whitney. December 2013: Claire Pless, born in 1914 Although Pless moved from Philadelphia to Ashfield, to live with her son Philip in 2011, she is no stranger to the area.Lina received the Ashby, MA cane at a ceremony at the town offices on October 23, 2003 at the age of 97. Phil Pless has lived in Ashfield for 35 years, and Mrs.

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A plaque is presented for the honor of receiving the cane.